Trusted for the future

Our Senior Management.

The newly founded Adler Group is led by the following senior management team with Maximilian Rienacker and Thierry Beaudemoulin as Co-CEOs. They look forward to complementing each other’s skills and experience in the real estate market and to leading with our motivated staff.


Maximilian Rienecker co-CEO

Maximilian Rienecker is one of the former Co-CEOs of Adler Real Estate. Originally from Hamburg, Mr. Rienecker has worked in many places around the globe in finance, including assignments with ING Investment Management in Hong Kong and other parts of Europe.

Thierry Beaudemoulin co-CEO

Thierry Beaudemoulin worked for real estate companies in France, the Netherlands, Belgium, Spain. In Germany, he was CEO of Covivio Germany and CEO of ADO before merging ADO with Adler Real Estate. Mr. Beaudemoulin has been working in real estate for more than twenty years.

Board of Directors

The company’s governance is set up as a one-tier structure managed by a Board of Directors which is currently composed of eight members.

Dr. Peter Maser

Thierry Beaudemoulin (Executive Director)

Maximilian Rienecker (Executive Director)

Arzu Akkemik

Dr. Michael Bütter

Thomas Zinnöcker

Claus Jorgensen

Thilo Schmid

Articles of Association